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If you want to beat the traffic and the expanded London congestion charge the only way is with a motorcycle or scooter from West London Yamaha!

On February 19th 2007, the Congestion Charge Zone in London expanded, meaning more locations in the UK's already congested Capital City fall under the £11.50 fee. Thankfully scooters and motorcycles are exempt from the charge so if you want a fast, effective and charge-free method of transport across the Capital then a Yamaha scooter or bike from West London Yamaha is the best way to go.

A typical urban scooter journey sees the two-wheeler consume between 55% and 81% less fuel than a car for the same journey. This makes them as energy-efficient per mile as a London Bus! Some of Yamaha's hi-tech scooter range can travel for up to 100 miles on a single gallon of petrol! That's 100 miles of commuting for around a fiver!

Also, riding a scooter cuts your average travelling time by half, as research shows that scooter riders find their journey times cut by 48% compared to other forms of transport. See our range here.Parking is also a big issue in The City, but again a scooter scores, as many multi-storey car parks allow scooters to park for free in their designated areas. Also, London has a large-number of motorcycle and scooter bays where parking is free. Road tax is also cheaper!

Beating the Congestion Charge doesn't mean travelling light, or getting soaked to the skin either. Many of Yamaha's scooters have generous under-seat storage areas, while the motorcycle range has a number of luggage accessories to ensure that carrying your briefcase, bag or tools of your trade can be done safely and efficiently. West London Yamaha staff can also fit you up with the very latest in hi-tech clothing that will keep you cool in summer and warm and dry in the winter.