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More and more people are turning to biking as a means of transport and fun!

Motorcycles and scooters not only enable you to beat the traffic to your destination, but at weekends and in your spare time you could experience the freedom, performance and exhilaration that only life on two-wheels can give.

As well as these two big advantages, two-wheels also provide an environmentally friendly method of getting from A to B without the use of gas-guzzling cars or unreliable public transport. Modern technology, fuel-injection systems and catalysers mean that motorcycles and scooters generally have lower CO2 emissions than any car and are also much more fuel-efficient.

You'll also arrive at your destination refreshed, invigorated and ready for work – you'll also enjoy more time in bed as journey times are at least 25% less for two-wheelers in the urban environment.

Biking is also becoming safer.

Improved basic training and awareness of minority road users thanks to the recent 'Think Bike' campaign as well as increased take-up of advanced training all helps to make life on two-wheels much safer. Motorcycle casualties in the UK have been at their lowest for a number of years. 2005 saw a 10 per cent reduction in the overall number of motorcycle casualties, with a 13 per cent reduction in the number of seriously injured on Britain's roads and a further 16 per cent reduction in the number of fatalities. The number of miles travelled by motorcyclists has increased by 37 per cent since 2003, showing that motorcycling is getting safer mile-by-mile.